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Absolutely love everything Nicole makes! Thank you!

Joya soñada

Perfecto y mágico.

Honestly, it’s really really beautiful. But I did not look at the size. I looked at it in your hand and I didn’t open it when I got it, and when my daughter opened it who likes Danty things I even asked her and told her you know what go ahead and return it and I’ll see what else I can get for you and she was embarrassed to return it. It’s real Gotti and I didn’t realize it. But it is gorgeous all your jewelry is gorgeous. That’s why I spent the money I did. She was even surprised that I paid that much for that, but it’s gorgeous.

Extra Special

Not only did I received a beautiful piece of jewelry, but Nicole makes the package so special with all the extras….I always look forward to these packages. Thank you Nicole for your going the “extra mile”.

Francesca Custom Piece
Francesca Tomelleri

Francesca Custom Piece

Sharie Custom Piece
Shar Clasen
Beautiful - As Usual

This is the 3rd piece of Nicoles jewelry and I love each one of them. Her craftsmanship is exquisite. I always look forward to her new collections, looking to add to my jewelry box. Thank you Nicole for doing this lovely special order for me.

1.1mm 14k Yellow Gold Filled Adjustable Chain- up to 22"(Add on item only)

Purple Fluorite

Your work never ceases to amaze me Nicole. Another gorgeous piece 😍 ❤️

(FREE GIFT)Jewelry Polishing Kit

Simply Straightforward!

I enjoyed this concise review of jewellery making metals very much. It was informative and to the point. Well done Nicole.

Sisters always..

The piece I purchased had Aquamarine for my birthday month and Ruby for my sister's birthday month so I am giving it to her for a birthday gift.. It is an absolutely beautiful piece and I can't wait to see her reaction


This large and beautiful lemon quartz, combined with the amber, looks fantastic and is very comfortable to wear. The piece of jewelry is very well made and the quality is very high. You can tell that every single piece is made with a lot of love. I'm looking forward to more great pieces of jewelry.

Dainty Apatite/Tourmaline

Beautiful - very unique.

Can’t wait for the spring collection


My son was born in January... His son was born in February.. So the Amethyst & Garnet stones were perfect.. It could have been a custom order but was just meant to be

Absolutely Wonderful

I have wanted one of Nicole's pieces forever and finally managed to pick up this one and another. There was a question about my order - she reached out to me to make sure I understand and edited it so that I would be happy. The customer service was outstanding. The pieces were exquisite. I cannot wait to get more items from her.

Beautiful pendants

I absolutely love every pendant that I've received from Nicole. I am a customer for life! The whole experience from placing the order to receiving it is so fast and flawless. The whole presentation when you open the box is amazing! 🤎

Beautiful Piece

This is a wonderful addition to my jewelry box. Nicole’s work is lovely and the stone perfect. I will be ordering from her again….soon.

4.1 ct Faceted Opal Necklace in 14k Gold Filled

Dark Green Aventurine, Chrome Diopside, Peridot Necklace in 14k Gold Fill
Cheryl Jacobs
Just Beautiful!

Nicole chooses beautiful stones and does fantastic work with them! Love it!


The Selenites I ordered arrived safely. They are of high quality and I really like them.

Jewelry Polishing Set

The jewelry polishing kit is easy to use and does what it's supposed to do.

Crackle quartz moonstone pendant

Very easy to purchase with a speedy update and delivery. Very nicely packaged to prevent damage. Beautiful pendant, sits well on the chain and I have received many comments. Keep up the good work it is much appreciated x

Needed to be longer, but longer was not an option.


The lovingly hand-designed pendant with faceted labradorite, amazonite and fluorite in silver and the matching necklace look beautiful.