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Increased Confidence
Embrace your inner radiance, enhance your confidence in every step you take.

Positive Energy
Infuse your everyday life with positive energy from each unique creation.

Energy Balance
Through my carefully selected stones, you experience enhanced overall well being & harmony.

Crafted with care and precision, you experience the quality of handmade wearable art that resonates with your unique energy.

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Kind Words From My Clients

"I am so happy with the pendant Nicole made for me. We texted about what I liked and she guided me to the perfect one. The price was great and when I received it was like opening a gift. Thank you Nicole. I look forward to purchasing more beautiful gems."

Ellen Rodas

"Opening the box holding my pendant was a wonderful experience from minute one. Your packing was like opening a very special gift, which it was a gift from me to me. And an amazing gift… I love the stones you chose for this piece…. perfect. And I can’t brag more about your workmanship…. special, intricate, beautiful. Thank you for making this special pendant and posting it to be purchased. I will be back. Bless you darling."

Sharie Clasen

"I just received the most beautiful piece of jewelry. The necklace is absolutely stunning . You have the most unique talent Nicole and can’t wait to see what beautiful creations you make next 💫❤️🥰❤️💫"

Lana Palmer-Low

"Just beautiful! Wearing my pretty pendant makes me feel special- what a display of heartfelt art."


"I have known Nicole for a very short time and bought several pieces from her and they all have been good quality. I have asked her to make me some custom pieces and told her the feelings that I had and she has been able to Envision that in the jewelry that she’s giving me. Nicole is a Visionary and does incredible work she is a wonderful artist."

Traci Coles

"Nicoles jewelry pieces are always a favorite of mine! You won’t find anything like this in stores. Each piece is custom created & it’s as if the jewelry draws you in to select your perfect match! I’ve received a few necklaces & have always been very satisfied with the beauty and quality of the jewelry! I get compliments and good vibes! What more could you ask for from crystal jewels 💎"

Sheena Burton


Where do you source your stones from?

I source from a few main sellers that I have found over the years, and it is important to me to source as much as I can from the US. Keeping that in mind, some stones that I use come from other locations around the world. I have a few trusted sellers that I source my stones from in India as well as a few here in the US.

Where is your packaging made?

When I designed my packaging, it was important to me that I get as much made in the US as possible. I'm happy to say that your pretty purple box is printed right here in the US, along with my business cards, and chain cards. I have made a conscious effort to not use plastic in my packaging (besides the tape), and the stuffing in my packaging is reusable.

Where do you source your wire from?

Quality is important to me, I source all my wire from Rio Grande, who has a reputation of quality and expertise for nearly 80 years.

How long does shipping take, and how much will it cost me?

Much care goes into each box that I pack, so I typically set aside time at least once a week to pack orders (usually Thursday). If I have a higher volume of orders I sometimes add a second day. If you have a specific date you need your order by, you may consider ordering early to ensure it meets your deadline. Shipping costs vary based on location. You can estimate shipping costs at checkout.

I have my own stone, can I send it to you to be wrapped?

In most cases, yes. I do require your stone to be at least a 6 on the Moh's Hardness Scale. Stones that are too soft have a higher chance of being damaged during the creation process, and although I am confident that I would handle it with the most care- sometimes things happen.